Promotional Products… Make your mark on the world.

Widgets, gadgets, thing-a-ma-jigs, handouts, leave-behinds, novelties and gifts— all words we use to describe the same thing: Promotional Products. Look around and see how many items we use in our daily life that display logos or wording to advertise a product or company!

Find the promotional product that can help you grow your business and make a lasting impression on your market place!

Why are Promotional Products so popular and why do so many companies use them?

We see them all around us each day in the office, home, on the playing fields, wherever we go! Popular items such as caps, shirts, mugs and pens increase brand awareness, can be left behind to make a sales call more memorable, or promote a special event.

Some facts about the many “impressions” promo items make. An impression is the number of times an item is used or seen by consumers, and a recent Advertising Specialties Institute report shows the results:

• Bags make 1,000 impressions in a month

• Caps and Headwear make 450 impressions in a month

• Writing instruments make 400 impressions in a month

And, for less than $1.00 per month to advertise your product or service! The low cost per impression gives advertisers even more reason to use these items. The cost per impression is measured by multiplying the number of impressions by the number of people who use it. As shown below, the cost per impression is much lower for Promotional Products compared to other major ways that businesses advertise:

  • Promotional Products $.0005/ea
  • Prime Time TV $.018/ea
  • National Magazine $.045/ea
  • Radio Spot $.058/ea

Need more reasons to choose a Promotional Product to advertise your company, brand or event?

• 83% of those who receive an item could identify the advertiser.

• Among those who do not know the advertiser prior to receiving the item, 27% were more likely to do business with the advertiser.

When selecting your promotional items, consider these popular choices. These items had the highest recall of the advertiser among consumers receiving them:

  • Shirts 86%
  • Writing instruments 84%
  • Bags 82%
    • Writing instruments 84%
    • Calendars 82%