Mailing & Fulfillment… Make a lasting impression by delivering your message right to your customer’s fingertips.

Consortium Companies offers a wide array of Mailing & Fulfillment Services. Our Data Processing Department has the ability to take any type of data and reconfigure the information into a usable format. Additionally, we have the tools to sort your data in a way that allows you to achieve the maximum postage savings. From match mailings to pick & packs, our full time staff has the knowledge and understanding of how to get the job done right.


  • NCOA, Cass Certification, & Postal Optimization
  • Fed-up & Address standardization
  • Merge/ Purge
  • Variable Data


  • Ink-jet Addresses
  • Wafer sealing
  • Fugitive Glue
  • Postal Sorting


  • Match Mailings
  • Live
  • Stamp


  • Kit Fulfillment
  • UPS/ FedEx Distribution